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▍Metallurgy (iron & steel, and non-ferrous metals)

Α Technology and Equipments: mining, smelting, continuous casting, rolling mill, roller, drawing, finishing operation, galvanize, tinning,colored coating, metallurgical furnace/kiln, heating equipment, casting, forging, weld, heat treatment, cooling equipment, metallurgyauxiliary machinery and products, metallurgy raw material handing plates, strips, platecutting/shearing equipment, steel products numbering equipment, metal marker, ferroalloy production equipment, metal processingmachines, metal structure manufacturing/processing/installation,

Β Products, finished products and auxiliary, iron & steel products, non-ferrous products, metal products, metallic structure products andkinds of applied materials, hardware products, carbon material and products, kinds of ferroalloy products, coating metallic material,metallurgy chemical agent, industry lubricant, metal processing oil and lubricant, rust-resisting material, sealing material, metallurgypackaging equipment.

▍Metallurgy testing equipment and automation: temperature analyzer, thickness tester, width meter, speed tester, infrared analyzer,infrared radiation thermometer, nondestructive examination equipment, hardometer, metallographic analysis, chemical analysis, heatengineering checking instrument, metallic material testing machine, sensor and speed changer, industrial computer, industrial TV,automatic control system, data processing technique

▍Machine or materials applied in fields of thermal processing, mechanical processing, material handling, power transmission, metallurgybearings, reducer, cutting, weighing, lubrication, hydraulic, dust removal, surface treatment, lifting, electric, industrial furnace/kiln, burner,metal circular sawing machine, chamfering, grinding, polishing, metallurgy saw blade, cutting etc.

▍Refractory materials: raw materials and handling equipments, kinds of refractory material and refractory products.

▍Technology & equipment of metallurgy industry environmental protection, service of design and consultancy.